Essential Locksmith Services in Memorial, TX

Memorial was originally just a long stretch of road called Memorial Drive. Small farms dotted the long country road, but now Memorial is a small suburb, home to many Texans who enjoy a bustling commercial district and upscale living. Memorial is an excellent neighborhood in the Houston, TX area. It is located west of Houston and a short distance to the metropolitan area. 

Essential Locksmith Services in Memorial

With the number of thriving businesses and residences in the Memorial area, skilled locksmith services are necessary. That’s where the experts at 24 Hour Locksmith come in. We provide 24/7 locksmith services to give our clients in the Memorial area around-the-clock services. We provide automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith services, but there are several services we are well-regarded for. 


There’s always the option to replace your locks entirely, but this is a more expensive service than rekeying. This means that you can get the pins and inner workings of your locks changed, so that old keys no longer work with the lock. This is a cost-effective option for those looking to get old keys invalidated without having to replace the entire locking mechanism. 

Smart Locks

Like most technology, even locking mechanisms have gotten smarter. Smart locks operate by using batteries or a Wi-Fi signal. Most smart locks can be controlled straight from your smartphone. These controls consist of unlocking or locking a door and monitoring the status of a lock from anywhere. If you aren’t sure if it’s locked, monitoring your home security from anywhere is a huge benefit for many homeowners. 

Master Key System

Master key systems are one of the best ways to manage locks and keys on your premises. If you have multiple rooms on your property and only want employees to have access to certain ones, you might consider a master key system. Think of it as a tiered system of who has access to what. There are a couple of different keys in this setup. 

  • Change Key: This key grants users the least amount of access. This key opens only one lock or any locks corresponding to this key’s makeup. Other keys can open the designated locks the change key can open. 
  • Master Key: The master key has access to more than the change key. This key changes a regular lock into a higher priority lock. Typically, businesses stop here in the master key system, and this key remains at the highest hierarchy level. 
  • Grand Master Key: Opens multiple master key systems. It allows users to open any locks only master keys can and any subsequent change keys in the hierarchy.

Emergency Lockout

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out that when you stepped outside your building for a brief moment, the door locked behind you, and there’s no other way to access your property. Instead of trying to find another entryway and potentially damaging your property in the process, contact 24 Hour Locksmith. We can get to you quickly to resolve the issue and get you back to work.

We ensure no damage will come to your property during the job. We have a team of highly-skilled technicians employed at 24 Hour Locksmith. If any damage does occur, we are insured. We operate 24/7 for quick emergency lockout service.

Best Residential and Commercial Locksmiths in Memorial

No matter what you need us for, 24 Hour Locksmith is guaranteed to get the job done efficiently, quickly, and reasonably priced. If you own a property in Memorial, TX, and need a locksmith, contact the very best. 24 Hour Locksmith is only one phone call away.

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