Locksmith Services in Katy, TX

Locksmith Services For Homes In Katy, TX

Katy, Texas, is a lovely city located to the west of Houston. The city had humble beginnings as an area for rice farming, but it has grown significantly since those days. Now, it has many amenities and attractions to draw in residents and visitors alike. Katy has beautiful parks, intriguing museums, excellent restaurants, and plenty of unique shops. There is also no shortage of fun events to attend on a daily basis. Outdoor movie nights, dog costume contests, and numerous other activities happen each month to bring residents together. Katy is very family and community-oriented, and residents are proud of the city’s heritage. Everyone enjoys partaking in local traditions, making Katy an exciting and upbeat city. 

As you can tell, the 24 Hour Locksmith team is a big fan of Katy. We always love getting to visit the city, even if it’s just for a service call. Having the chance to enjoy the scenery while interacting with friendly residents is such a treat. Never hesitate to reach out to us 24/7, Katy residents! 

About 24 Hour Locksmith

We are a team of zealous locksmiths that are passionate about home security. We have two main goals. The first is to offer the best residential locksmith services in the state, and the other is to offer superior customer service to all of our clients. Our team works hard to maintain quality, putting 100% into every project and client interaction. You can rely on us for all of your residential needs.

Security Tips For Katy Residents

A locksmith can help you keep your home safe with lock installation, repair, and replacement services. Naturally, the best way you can protect your residence is by maintaining your locks and investing in high-quality hardware. But there are many many other things you can do to prevent burglaries and other property crimes. Here are 3 security tips from 24 Hour Locksmith: 

  1. Keep Windows Closed and Locked At All Our Times

Leaving your windows open and unlocked is a big security risk. We understand that on a spring or summer night, it’s tempting to keep them cracked to let in the flower-scented breeze. However, open and unlocked windows make easy access points for burglars. Keep yourself safe by shutting out those lovely spring and summer breezes! By doing so, you’ll be shutting out the criminals as well. 

  1. Teach Children About Security Early

Children are never too young to learn about home security. Because children are so innocent and trusting, they can accidentally compromise security without knowing it. For instance, if a burglar is casing your neighborhood, they may ask your toddler—who is playing outside—what time everyone is home. Your toddler, suspecting nothing, may answer honestly. Before you know it, several homes in the neighborhood have been cleared of their valuables.

For your residence (and others) to stay safe, every household member needs to take an active part in protecting it, including kids. You can teach your toddler basic security tips such as not opening the door to strangers, locking doors behind them, and never giving out personal information. This will help prevent unfortunate incidents like a break-in. 

  1. Choose High-Security Locks

Not all locks are created equal. There are some that cannot hold up to common burglary techniques such as bumping and picking. Additionally, weak locks make it easy for a criminal to kick in your door rather than bother with tampering. To keep your home safe, invest in high-security locks and deadbolts that are rated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Locks with an ANSI grade of 1 are the strongest and most durable. 

Reach Out to 24 Hour Locksmith For Help Securing Your Home! 

We are ready to help you protect you and your family from burglars and other criminals. All you have to do is reach out to our team. We are standing by, ready to secure your residence. Our fully licensed and insured locksmiths will get any job completed efficiently and well, so contact us today for assistance