Locksmith in Cypress TX

Residential Locksmith Services In Cypress, TX

Cypress, Texas, is a beautiful and family-friendly community. This area is not only extremely safe, but it also offers access to many high-quality schools and attractions. For young children, there are many private institutions with challenging curriculums. For college-age students, Lone Star and Blinn Colleges are nearby. There are also two libraries and many other amenities close to the area. Families will find plenty of things to do together around Cypress, such as swimming at the local recreation center, shopping, or attending a live show. 

The team at 24 Hour Locksmith always enjoys a visit to the family-friendly community of Cypress. It’s a pleasure to help residents and business owners keep their homes safe and secure. We are here for you every hour and every day of the week. 

About 24 Hour Locksmith

We are a team of passionate locksmiths who have one goal in mind: We want to offer the best 24/7 services in Texas. Our team works hard to ensure we deliver top-quality results with every project. We guarantee satisfaction because we are confident in our expertise and knowledge. Naturally, we also have the credentials to complement our knowledge and experience. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, meaning we are qualified to complete any locksmithing project at no risk to our customers. 

Our Residential Services

We offer a wide variety of residential services to keep your home safe and secure. No matter where you live, you can never take safety and security too seriously. Burglaries and other crimes can happen to anyone, regardless of where you live. That’s why we work hard to provide high-quality residential locksmith services. Here are some of the many ways we can assist you: 

  1. Lock Installation 

Locks play a crucial part in protecting your home from intruders. The team at 24 Hour Locksmith can install high-security locks on your residence to ensure burglars will have a hard time getting in. We suggest purchasing locks that have an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) rating of 1 or 2. Additionally, you want to stick with reputable lock brands like Schlage, Mul-T-Lock, Kwikset, and Medeco. 

  1. Lock Repair

When your locks are broken, you leave yourself open to burglaries and other property crimes. If you have any broken locks, do not hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 team. We are here to ensure your locks get repaired quickly. The sooner you get them fixed, the sooner you can have peace of mind knowing that you do have to worry about a criminal sneaking into your home. 

  1. Broken Key Extraction 

As you use your keys over the years, they will experience wear and tear. Unfortunately, that means that eventually, they might break during use. When your key breaks in a lock, there’s nothing you can do to get it out on your own. You’ll need a professional’s assistance to extract it without causing more damage. Whether your key breaks in the morning or the latest hours of the night, we can assist you with our 24/7 emergency services. 

  1. Rekeying

Sometimes, you may need to change your locks. This might be because you’ve just settled into a new home, kicked out an angry ex, or evicted an angry tenant. However, lock replacement is expensive because you have to pay for both parts and labor. A cheaper, easier alternative is rekeying. Rekeying can increase your security for less money, giving you peace of mind at a fraction of the price. 

Take Advantage of Our Residential Locksmith Services!

We hope we have been able to emphasize the importance of home security. We want everyone in Texas to take the necessary steps to ensure burglars and other property criminals will not find their homes an easy target. The best thing you can do is call a residential locksmith to help you increase security. Contact the team at 24 Hour Locksmith today for assistance!