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Pasadena, Texas, is conveniently located near the bustling city of Houston. It offers a small-town charm while still offering plenty of amenities that residents would expect from a bigger city. There is no shortage of local shops to peruse, fun events to attend, and parks to stroll through. The team at 24 Hour Locksmith loves visiting beautiful Pasadena! We are always happy when we get a call from a resident calling us out to this wonderful city. It’s our pleasure to serve you, Pasadena residents. Call us any time of the day or night for the best residential locksmith services in the state! 

About 24 Hour Locksmith 

We are a team of industry-leading professionals who have passion and gusto for locksmithing that sets us apart from our competitors. Our expertise, skills, and knowledge are only surpassed by the care we have for our customers. We strive to offer customer service that goes above and beyond expectations. And most importantly, our team has the credentials needed to back up our claims of excellence. We are fully licensed and insured, so rest assured that we will get any locksmithing project done quickly and well. When you choose 24 Hour Locksmith, anticipate having your expectations not only met but exceeded. 

Our Residential Locksmith Services

We offer a wide variety of residential locksmith services. We can install, repair, replace, and rekey your locks. We can also duplicate and create keys. But most importantly, we can give you security advice. For instance, we can share security tips to keep your residence safe. One of the things we’d like to cover today is how to keep your home safe while you are traveling, as many people do not seem aware that you cannot just leave your residence without a second thought. There are some steps you need to take to keep your home safe while you’re away. 

Security Tips For Keeping Your Home Secure While Traveling

Vacations are wonderful. So often, they are needed. They are a great way to unwind after a crazy work year. But while we at 24 Hour Locksmith can appreciate the importance and fun of a vacation, we do encourage you to take some precautions before you leave to keep your residence safe. Here are 4 things you should do to keep your home secure while you’re away: 

  1. Have the Post Office Hold Your Mail

A buildup of unread mail is a signal to burglars that your house is empty and easy to rob. Make sure you call the post office and place a hold on your mail before you leave. If you do not want to cancel your mail for the entirety of your trip, ask a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member to pick up your mail every day. Just be careful when asking a neighbor. Sometimes, burglars can be people in your neighborhood who can keep an eye on everyone’s activity to know when to strike. Don’t trust just anyone to pick up your mail. 

  1. Don’t Post About Your Vacation Until After You Get Back

We understand the temptation to share information about your upcoming trip on social media because of excitement. However, once again, this signals to your acquaintances and neighbors (potential burglars) that you will be out of your home for a long period of time. Wait until after you get home to post about your trip on social media to avoid this problem. 

  1. Don’t Leave Spare Keys Behind

Do you have a spare key or two hidden around your property in case of a lockout emergency? Unfortunately, this is a bad idea. Burglars know all of the common hiding places for spare keys, such as inside flowerpots, fake rocks, and mailboxes. What could be easier than a burglary where you provide the keys and leave your home wide open and abandoned? If you have any spare keys hidden around your home, pick them up and put them safely inside before leaving. 

  1. Don’t Leave a Light or TV On

If you’re someone that leaves a light on or a television set to make it seem like somebody is home, we have bad news. Burglars are well aware of this technique, and they will often observe a target for an extended period of time. If they see the light and the TV stay on without change, they will know that you aren’t home. It’s better to leave no lights on or have someone house-sit for you than use this technique. 

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It is our great honor to serve residents in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. We love making sure that homeowners can feel safe leaving their homes because they are confident their locks can hold up against burglars and other property criminals. Contact us today to ensure that your locks stay in the best shape.