Commercial Locksmith Services In Spring, TX

Spring, Texas, is a scenic census-designated place (CDP). This lovely area has a rich history. Orcaquiza Indians were the first settlers. In 1746, Spanish explorers visited the area. Then, a group of settlers associated with Stephen F. Austin, a famous colonizer, moved into Spring. Soon, more and more people started to settle into the area and farm the land. Spring became a farming community that grew vegetables, sugar cane, and cotton. In 1871, a railroad was built through the area, which helped the economy to grow and thrive. 

Today, Spring is still growing and thriving. This CDP has a lot to offer residents and visitors. There are many unique shops to peruse, fun events to attend, parks to explore, and farms to purchase fresh produce from. This lovely, community-oriented is a wonderful place to live. It’s also a wonderful place to visit. The 24 Hour Locksmith team always enjoys getting a call from a Spring resident. That way, we have an excuse to enjoy a trip while getting to fulfill our calling of securing homes and businesses against theft. 

About the 24 Hour Locksmith Team

We are a team of fully-licensed and technicians that take great pride in the quality of our work. Locksmithing, for us, is more than a job. It is a calling and a passion. Additionally, we don’t just care about making money from our profession. Money is less important to us than the safety of our fellow Texas residents and their satisfaction with our services. Our team offers not only the best commercial and residential locksmith services in Texas but also the best customer service. You can rely on us for around-the-clock quality. 

Our Commercial Locksmith Services

Because there are so many wonderful shops and businesses thriving in Spring, we work hard to offer high-quality commercial locksmith services. Your business is an important asset and sometimes your only source of income, so you need to invest in its safety and security. One of the best investments you can make is working with a local locksmith who can help protect your building from burglars and other criminals. Here are things that our team can assist you with to protect your business: 

  1. Lock Replacement 

When was the last time you replaced your business’s locks? You may think that replacing your business’s locks isn’t that important and that you can go decades without doing so. Sadly, that isn’t true. Business owners should change the locks on their commercial properties every two years. This is a good way to ensure previous keyholders and clever burglars can’t get access to your property easily. The older your locks are, the easier they will be to pick, break, or bump. 

  1. Rekeying

Lock replacement is not always necessary to improve security. If you are between lock changes but you have a disgruntled keyholder leave the company, you don’t have to get early replacements. Rekeying is a cheaper and simpler option that will improve security and peace of mind. This is a great precaution if you have fired dishonest employees who may have made copies of your keys without permission. 

  1. Lock Repair

Broken locks? No problem. We can help. Whether your locks break early in the morning or late at night, our team can assist you. It’s important not to leave a broken lock overnight, as this will make your property vulnerable to theft. 

  1. Key Duplication

Business owners have to carry a lot of keys. And of course, it’s hard to keep track of all of those keys. To avoid an emergency lockout situation, it’s important that you have backups in case you lose one. We offer commercial key duplication services! 

Get In Touch With Our Team Today! 

Our team loves to help business owners secure their commercial properties. You cannot afford to skimp on commercial security. Locksmith services cost much less than the repairs from a burglary. Save yourself the headache of going through the insurance claim process and repairing damage from a break-in by contacting our team today. We are here for you 24/7!