If you find yourself unable to locate your car keys or your car keys aren’t working, you know you can rely on car locksmiths to come to your aid. However, the skillset of a car locksmith extends beyond car keys and locks. It also includes addressing issues with your car’s ignition. In fact, experts recommend seeing a car locksmith instead of going to a dealership if you’re dealing with a faulty ignition. But how do you know if your ignition isn’t working as it should? Luckily, this blog will illustrate the most common signs of a faulty ignition.

1. Car Won’t Start

The most obvious sign of a faulty ignition is a car that refuses to start. You turn the key and shift into Drive, but nothing happens no matter how many times you attempt the same routines. This might indicate a problem with the circuits through which the ignition signals the car to start. With help from a car locksmith, you can have the ignition repaired or replaced in no time. That way, you can return to your usual day-to-day errands without any further delay.

2. Key Won’t Turn

There are few things as annoying as a stubborn key. From a front door entrance to your car’s ignition, a key that won’t turn can be absolutely frustrating. If this issue arises, it usually means the ignition is dirty and needs a thorough cleaning. Simply wiping out the ignition to remove any debris should help ensure that your key will be able to turn on the ignition again. Of course, this predicament is really specific to those who use a traditional car key rather than a remote.

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3. Key Gets Stuck

Sometimes, even when you do get the key to move, you find that it doesn’t turn all the way or just gets stuck in the process. In this case, a worn-out or damaged cylinder might be the reason for your faulty ignition. In this case, you definitely need to see a professional car locksmith to address it as soon as possible.

4. Silent Starter Motor

If everything seems to be working in order when powering up your car, only to realize the starter motor is completely silent, you would be right to trust your instinct that something is amiss. To be precise, your ignition switch is in poor shape and needs to be repaired or replaced right away. Next time you hear nothing when trying to start your car, consider it a cry for help and reach out to a car locksmith right away.

5. Engine Starts and Stalls

Your car has started and it seems like everything is in order. You start making your way to your destination, only for your car to suddenly stop or stall. However, your vehicle soon goes back to its regular movement, so you think it’s just a fluke until it keeps stalling and starting over again. This is a serious red flag, as it’s saying that your faulty ignition is the result of something serious, such as failing to recognize the key or a problem with the anti-theft system.

Faulty Ignition? Call Our Team Today!

Now that you know how to recognize the signs of a faulty ignition, you will be able to reach out to a car locksmith in a timely manner. All that’s left to figure out is which locksmith service in Greater Houston and its surrounding areas you can rely on for this task. The good news is, just as our name says, our team at 24-Hour Locksmith Service is available anytime, any day, to address your ignition and car security issues. Contact us today to get started.

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