Keeping your home safe and secure is a big responsibility, and it’s one that not even many adults have perfected. Oftentimes, it’s easy to skimp on basic home security. Adult life comes with many responsibilities. When you have dinner to cook, dishes to do, and children to care for after a long day at work, it can be easy to forget you left the window in the kitchen open before climbing into bed for the night. Or perhaps your crazy pet dived through the door and started tearing through the house after a walk. In your distraction, you forgot to lock the behind you. All of these scenarios can happen quickly in the midst of a chaotic day or night, but it is important to train yourself to be more aware to prevent intruders from gaining access to your property. Read on to learn five home safety and security tips to help protect you and your family.

Our Top Home Safety and Security Tips 

Ready to learn about home safety and security? We’re ready to share our top five tips with you. Here are five things you should know to prevent burglaries and other property crimes: 

1. Do Not Hide Spare Keys

A large number of people hide spare keys around their homes, with the logic that it is smart to avoid a home lockout. Well, unfortunately, it is not smart to hide spare keys around the house. In fact, this habit results in huge security breaches. All of those “clever” hiding places such as inside a fake rock, on top of your door jamb, and under a statue are more common than you might think. Burglars know where to find spare keys, and they’ll likely locate yours in a number of minutes. If you want to avoid making your home an easy target, do not hide spare keys. Instead, leave a key with a trusted family member or neighbor. 

2. Invest in a Security System

This might some obvious, but many homeowners out there don’t have a security system. However, security systems are one of the best deterrents to keep burglars away from your home. Burglars have one main goal when breaking into properties. They want to enter and exit quickly without being seen or heard. When you put security cameras and alarms around your home, a burglar is a lot less likely to target your property because of the risk involved.

A giant lock in front of a home, which represents home safety and security

3.  Don’t Post Too Much Personal Information On Social Media

Many social media platforms allow you to put your home address and other personal information on social media. But just because you can post this information doesn’t mean you should. You do not want to chance strangers finding out this information, learning about your schedule, and breaking into your home when you’re not around. Don’t post videos and pictures of your day or night out until you get home, never take pictures in front of your home with the address showing, and do not announce vacations. All of these activities will put you and your property at risk. 

4. Install Exterior Lights

Burglars prefer to stick to the shadows and find hidden access points when breaking into a property. As we mentioned before, they do not want to be seen or heard. Thus, installing motion sensor lights around your home can help keep intruders away. 

5. Teach Your Children About Home Safety and Security 

Every member of your family needs to help with home safety and security, even the youngest ones. When your children are old enough, start teaching them basic security such as not opening the door to strangers, keeping personal information to themselves, staying aware of their surroundings, and locking the door behind them. This ensures your child will not accidentally endanger themselves, their family, or their home. 

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